Here are some of our most frequently asked questions and our answers to them, we hope you find this page helpful;


Why is locksmith expensive?


Locksmiths in general aren’t too expensive if you can find a reliable, trustworthy service.

Customers often think a job is expensive because they might not fully understand what they’re getting for their money.

With Quick Response Exeter our customers get the fastest response times possible and only the most experienced lock specialists fitting only the highest quality parts.

Couple that with our 12 month guarantee on all work completed and we might very well be more expensive than locksmiths using cheaper parts.

Only when you break down and compare what you’re actually getting is it clear to see the more cost effective package is ours.

Can a locksmith make a key without the original? 


Generally speaking, yes, it is possible to make a key without an original. However this is not advisable when you lose a key.

Whilst this option will be cheaper in the short term, in the long run it could cost you your possessions and home security.

If you lose your keys it’s always a safer option to replace your locks. With a replacement lock you’ll usually receive between 3-5 new keys and the key that has been lost and could’ve fallen into anyone’s hands now can’t come back to haunt you. 


Can a locksmith make a lock from a key?


Making a lock from a key whilst possible really would be more trouble than it’s worth.

Apart from some special types of lock made specifically so the manufacturer of the lock are the only people who can make spare keys.

On the purchase of these locks the customer is provided with a unique code for their key.

It will always be easier to replace a lock than it will to make a lock to fit a specific key.